RESPIRART PAMPEAGO 2012, Four artists at an altitude of 2000 meters

From 30th July 5th August 2012,


new masterpieces come to life


along the path RespirArt Pampeago:


a theater in the open air, the carving of a stone,


wood spheres in the pastures and also a wild-flavoured dessert

TRENTINO VAL DI FIEMME: In summer 2012, new pieces of art will be created, under the hikers’ eyes, in the grasses and woods of Pampeago, at an altitude of 2000 meters. In the week from Saturday 30th July to Sunday 5th August 2012, you can watch some artists working contemporaneously.

RespirArt, Marco Nones intreccia un bozzolo di lana – foto Eugenio Del Pero

Mr. Mauro Lampo Olivotto, Mr. Thorsten Schütt, Mr. Marco Nones and Mr. Alessandro Gilmozzi will shape masterpieces “in nature and for nature” in the outdoor Art Gallery RespirArt Pampeago Green&White Gallery, conceived by the artist Marco Nones and the journalist Beatrice Calamari, and promoted by the ski tow society “Itap Pampeago”. The artistic path goes from Baita Caserina to Baita La Bassa.

Marco Nones, the artist from Cavalese, will realize the Theater in the open air of Latemar with natural and raw materials. A light and transparent structure in a natural amphitheater in front of Baita Caserina: the vertical installation of pieces of wood will form the rocky skyline of Latemar. His performance starts in June and the work of art will be presented to the public on Sunday 5th August. During the land art week, that starts on 30th July, you can attend the realization of another Marco Nones’ and Beatrice Calamari’s work, called “Breathe, if you need to”.

In 2010, Marco Nones was the only artist to install a sculpture in nature, in the frame of Arte Sella, the international outdoor event of modern art that lies in the grasses and woods of Val di Sella, in Trentino. Some of his most recent successes are his superb victory at the International Symposium of Wood Sculpture “Montagn-Art” in August 2011 in Thyon (Switzerland), with the masterpiece “Le fil du vent”.

Mauro Lampo Olivotto, from 30th July to 5th August 2012, the artist from Cortina D’Ampezzo will carve a stone that lies on the path. Its name will be “Natural mente”. The artist came into the limelight for his adventurous artistic deeds on 10th -11th September 2011 on Monte Pelmo. In September 2011, together with four speleologists and trekkers of the association of geographical explorations “La Venta”, he climbed a 150-meter rock face and reached a cave, where he arrange a photo-set dedicated to his “Giauli”, mysterious creatures that he had invented and carved. During this lucky mission, they discovered five possible footprints of dinosaurs. Mauro Lampo, eclectic artist and show man, is famous also for his very long Zip (“Cerniera Lampo” in Italian”, with little teeth of spruce and Swiss pine, that crossed the center of Cortina.

Thorsten Schütt, artist from Friedeburg (Germany), will create a river of spheres of Swiss pine wood in the pastures of Pampeago. This work of art perfectly mimics the streaming life of his author in nature. His passion for the land art inspired him for the realization of magnificent rock sculptures in front of the sea or to carve sections of trees in the heart of nature. He showed his wood and stone sculptures at international exhibitions and took part in carving symposiums all over Europe, but also in New York, in Canada, in Ecuador and in Africa. Over these latest years, his spirit of research has boosted him to look for a symbiosis between man’s memory and tree’s memory, through the carving of spheres of any dimensions. The deep dialogue with nature gets the artist to generate a sort of strain with the surrounding space. It lives through pieces of art that are absorbed into visions, personal experiences and meetings. Which will be the title of his masterpiece? “Sometimes it’s not so easy to find a title for my creations – says the guest of RespirArt – because I fear I suggest my interpretation. I often find more interesting the fantasies and the thoughts that my public expresses looking at them”.

Mr. Alessandro Gilmozzi. On Sunday 5th August 2012, the gastronomical artist from Cavalese will stage a performance dressed with poetry, flavours and nature. The creative chef of the restaurant “El Molin” of Cavalese, awarded by Michelin, dedicates a particular show cooking to the artistic path RespirArt Pampeago, by combining his passion for botany – inherited by his grandfather – and his passion for cooking. That day, all people can taste the flavour of the wood. The meeting point is at 9.30 at Baita Caserina. From there, the trekking starts with Alessandro Gilmozzi. This is occasion to observe him while, as an ancient wise-man, he picks up the raw materials delving into grass, branches, barks and lichens. After the research like a real alchemist, the chef cooks on the grass his dessert called “Borderline”, a treasure of wood flavours, herbs and resins. The small tasting cakes, like little land art masterpieces, will be served on stones picked up from the river Avisio.

Gilmozzi developed his food culture at the court of prestigious chefs like Michel Bras and Ducasse. Today he is one of the most interesting Italian chefs. Every new thing he presents in his menu derives from a thorough and scientific research. From more than twenty years, he has tested unusual raw materials, such as lichens and resin of larch or has perfected ancients recipes. His way of cooking has the scent of the smoking food and of the mountain herbs he picks up every day, season by season. These knowledge of his combines with advanced cooking techniques, that only a few times has used the arctic char or the deer. The low temperatures, the creative use of the smoke, the primordial meeting among fire, wood and meat.

During the land art gastronomical trekking, you can discover the new pieces of art by Marco Nones, Mauro Lampo and Thorsten Schütt along the artistic path that celebrates and boosts the beauty of Latemar from Baita Caserina to Baito La Bassa.

L’arte è un mistero con le ali di farfalla (cit. Alda Merini) opera Marco Nines per PespirArt

INFO: Latemar Pampeago, tel. +39 0462 813265,


Sunday 5th August

At 9.30, meeting point at Baita Caserina. At 10.00: begins the touring show cooking by Alessandro Gilmozzi, the chef of Cavalese awarded by Michelin. Whoever takes part in this trekking can observe his research of the most curious raw materials (lichens, resin of larch, buds, berries) along the path RespirArt Pampeago and the preparation of the dessert “Borderline” that spreads the flavours in the wood. The spectacular natural-gastronomical trekking is a sweet occasion to watch the new masterpieces of RespirArt and to meet the artists Marco NonesMauro Lampo Olivotto and Thorsten Schütt.

On the way back, you can have your lunch at Baita Caserina (booking: mobile: +39 348 8924234).

INFO: Latemar Pampeago, tel. +39 0462.813265,

HOW TO REACH RESPIRART PAMPEAGO: From the parking at Pampeago, walk along the main road for about 700 meters Turn to the right (trail 514) to reach Baita Caserina (“Km Zero” restaurant, mobile +39 348 8924234) after about 45 minutes. To take the path RespirArt, westward, follow the trail 514.

INFO: Associazione Respirart, – –



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